From the beginning of our variable work, we provided cutting-edge direct marketing programs for Allstream. The work utilized both variable and multi-channel tactics to engage and strengthen their relationships with their customers and prospects.

In the “Get Closer” campaign, the direct mail took the form of an over sized brochure mailed with three consumer magazines in a custom plastic box with Allstream branding. The brochure used customer data (or prospect data profiled against the customer database) to address the target in terms of business sector, title and current product mix – all overlaid with additional third party data for that enterprise. This allowed us to present offers relevant to the individual in terms of their day-to-day situation and the enterprise’s pain point. In addition to a business-focused offer, the target was also offered a year’s subscription to one of three magazines. This provided us with a welcomed opportunity each month to engage them throughout the coming year.



The micro-site continued the variable engagement. Where the individual was targeted to receive an invitation to Mindshift, Allstream’s thoughtleader event, they were updated when they entered. Alternate content took its place for those that weren’t invited. On balance, the micro-site delivered complementary offers for existing customers and offers designed to supplant competitor offerings where the user was a prospect. Automated email took care of maintaining contact afterwards looking after thank you’s, trigger offers, and the like.