This is about relevant dialogue. The application of high technology to communication strategy represents a powerful tool to marketers that want a more effective way of engaging customers and prospects. We no longer need to settle for messaging designed to offend the fewest and appeal to the greatest.

Digital technology allows us to speak to each person as an individual, presenting them with specific selling propositions supported by specific imagery, copy and dynamics – all irrespective of channel, and the result is a new relationship or the strengthening of an existing one.

This means that an exchange with a senior citizen in the Midwest deals with their specific reality, while communication with a thirty-something in Metropolitan London can address their day-to-day concerns and a teenager in Singapore will relate to yet another, entirely different, but completely relevant message.

WiredPente specializes in the successful integration of data-driven variable communication techniques with our clients’ marketing environments from a strategic and tactical point of view. Our clients have seen two to three times their traditional response levels in many cases, with the increases in return on investment that you’d logically expect.

Technology has finally caught up with those of us that have dreamed of building truly relevant dialogue with customers for so long. Now, we can finally talk to the Universe of One instead of just talking about it. And WiredPente can help you do this.


While the goals of direct marketing have not changed – increasing sales through dialogue and relationship; variable communication delivers the ability to talk to customers and stakeholders on a hyper-relevant level – a Universe of One. Whether you’re trying to get a sale, elicit a donation or achieve consensus, this individualized approach returns substantial increases in response and return on marketing investment time and time again.

And, when done properly, it’s channel agnostic. When a combination of channels are brought to bear; print, e-mail, mobile and the web, response is typically even higher and more immediate than the return from a single channel. Really, when you think about it, the channel is simply another variable. Your customer will tell you how they wish to engage with you.

WiredPente is a recognized global leader in the building and implementation of some of the industry’s greatest successes in this field.


Increased sales

Reduced cost of sales

Brand continuity

Increased return on your marketing investment

Strengthened customer loyalty

Automate marketing communications

Expedited sales cycles

A more engaged and satisfied customer