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WiredPente specializes in the successful implementation of data-driven variable communication programs from a strategic and tactical perspective. Our clients see two to three times their traditional response rates in many cases, with the increases in return on investment that typically follow. We believe that this is the future of direct marketing, and direct marketing is the future of marketing communication.



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We began as a very creative, but nonetheless traditional, direct marketing agency in 1990, and over the years grew to become a successful player in the Canadian market. Being a boutique, we worked across multiple disciplines. We had critical successes in print design, branding, and advertising. But our core business was, and always will be, direct marketing.

In 1998, we had the chance to look at an experimental sample of data-driven variable print from a skunk works in Rochester and we knew we were looking at the future. Before long, we were expounding on the possibilities to anyone who would listen. Before, as it turned out, neither the technology nor the market was ready for it. This didn’t make us very popular at cocktail parties, as you might imagine. We were those weirdos trying to do that one to one marketing stuff. Not even our mothers invited us back.

Eventually, we convinced a client in the health insurance sector to try it and the program out-pulled everything that they had ever done. It increased leads by 50%, increased sales, the quality of those sales and ultimately increased customer lifetime value four-fold! Retail was next, followed by one of the big six banks, with equally impressive results. Things were great! Response rates were up, our clients were making money and we started getting invited to parties again.

To this day, a lot of those programs are still running. They’re far more sophisticated than they were in those days, but they still continue to return on that original investment. And we’ve never looked back.

We’ve since become a recognized worldwide authority on data-driven communication and the art and science of engaging people with individualized relevance to create dialogue, and ultimately, a sale.